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Haiti Medical Mission-

The United Churches Haiti Medical Mission Team will go to the island of La Gonave, Haiti Jan.13-23, 2013. This will be the fourth time United Churches has sent a team to the Celebrate Jesus clinic.

Team members dispense dozens of types of medicine and treat a variety of diseases; they see 800-1000 total patients in the five clinic days. All school children and any person entering the clinic will take a worm tablet. Worms cause malnutrition, so this might be the most important medicine they take. Everyone also gets Tums and Tylenol, so small bags of these are prepared before going to Haiti. In December, about 25 people will have a pill-packing party at the church. 

The cost of the 2013 mission trip is $2000 per person; that includes $300 each for medicine and supplies. The team has held rummage sales and other fundraisers throughout the year. An upcoming fundraiser held before the 2013 trip is:

  • A barbershop concert (Shrine of Democracy Chorus) on Sat., Dec. 8, 2012 at the Mueller Center

  • Donations can be sent to United Churches Haiti Medical Mission, The United Churches, 342 N. Garden St., Hot Springs, SD  57747.

    Celebrate Jesus is a compound containing a church, K-12 school, and a clinic. Celebrate Jesus has a feeding program for 500 children. La Gonave is about ten miles from the major city of Port-au-Prince. Because the clinic will have its first permanent doctor in 2013, the team will take extra medicine and supplies to leave there.

     Team members would appreciate prayer as they prepare, while they fly, as they go through customs, and while they treat their patients. The team members are Annie Zwetzig,  team leader. Other team members are Lois Carrico, Kristin Murrie, Kyrie Murrie, Stefanie Nelson, Sally Park-Hageman, Cora Reid, Jan Speirs, Jim Speirs, and Garry Strauser.

    United Churches Haiti Medical Team 2012       

    Busy reception room in the clinic of "Celebrate Jesus"